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It is not directly your “posture” that causes pain; however too much time spent in a certain posture can have consequences.  Long periods in any position that is out of anatomical alignment is going to stress structures and muscles, most commonly resulting in compression of joint structures and lengthening or shortening of muscle fibres. 

Only 1% of lower back pain is ominous or needs surgery. Most of that 1% is a result of health problems (cancer, etc.).

Lower back or lumbar spine pain/discomfort is usually a result of local soft tissue not being able to maintain the load / stresses being put on them.  The best antidote?  Strengthening and Movement.  “Tightness” is a misused term. Remember, tightness is a lack of range of movement across a joint, not a feeling. ‘Does a joint have full movement potential?’ 

If you feel “tight” get the area moving under safe load and enlist the guidance of an experienced Sports Therapist.

Don’t waste your time static stretching, it provides no long term benefits. It has no clear effect on injury (Baxter et al, sports medicine 2017) and in a lot of cases (especially before exercise) actually achieves performance deficits, as static stretching can reduce elastic potential of those muscles for up to an hour. Also, it’s not tissue length (which is what stretching addresses) that causes muscles to ache, its load. 

Move smarter and stronger.  Mobility of the hip and thoracic spine (upper back) will almost certainly decrease lumbar spine (lower back) pain. Full range of movement strength training, especially of the posterior chain, has been shown to have a direct preventative effect on soft tissue injuries for all athletes regardless of age, gender, sport.  However, train smart.  You don’t need to leave dripping in sweat and hurting for 5 days to have an effect.

Lastly, not all lower back pain is the same. Therefore a specifically tailored movement and strength training program should be designed for you alongside hands-on sports/massage therapy, to not only strengthen and move what is needed, but to fit into your lifestyle.  As it is a change of lifestyle that is needed – not painkillers and ineffective stretching.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you, contact Gordon and the team at Massage Weymouth – the most qualified and experienced, male and female, massage and sports therapist team in South Dorset. Clinic locations in Weymouth and Dorchester.


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