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With just a few days to go until the Weymouth Half Marathon we are busy putting the final touches to our preparation and making sure we are ready to deliver a great event on 13th June. Final bits of key information below to make sure you have a great day:

Race Information

Please make sure you read all of the event information prior to race day which includes race information and timings (including car parking, road closures and headphones policy); https://justracinguk.com/wp-content/uploads/2021-Race-Information.pdf


PLEASE NOTE as per UK Athletics guidelines, you will need to be self sufficient.  We will, however provide the following:

  1. 500ml bottled water (with sports caps) at the halfway point.

  2. Water barrels at miles 3.5 and 11 for you to fill your own cup / bottle etc.  It is really important that you have your own vessel at these water stations.  If not, you will not be able to access the water.

Race Numbers

Remember, for those who entered prior to the original 2020 race, you will need to use your existing race numbers.  The last batch of numbers were posted out on Tuesday.  We will not be able to post any replacement numbers during these final few days.

If for any reason your race number has not arrived before the weekend, you do not need to contact us – there will be an athlete services tent / desk on Saturday between 1000 and 1400 who will be able to assist you.  Please note, this service is NOT available on race day this year.

Race Start 

Unfortunately, we are unable to get the town bridge opened any earlier than the allocated 0800 lift time.  To make sure we don’t get any runners arriving at an open bridge, we will be starting the race at 0740 (instead of 0730).

NO Smoking

A bit of an odd one, but runners are not allowed to smoke during the run. If you stop for a cigarette after you start, you will be disqualified.


Please note, if the answer to any of your potential questions are in the race information or on an email, we do not have the capacity to respond to your emails at this late stage, so please make sure you read all of the information carefully.

We are really excited to finally be delivering the 6th Weymouth Half Marathon and look forward to welcoming you to both the start and finish line.

Alan and The Team

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